There is a lot of money at stake in the modern football business these days. Supposed weaker teams are able to position themselves tactically in a defensive way, so that the stronger team often only finds a few promising situations during 90 minutes. Set pieces, especially free kicks around the penalty area, are therefore becoming increasingly important and are a decisive way to decide games. The rules of the games state that the wall must be 9.15 meters (10 yards) from the ball. In fact, no referee in the world is able to measure these 9.15 m accurately yet. Referees memorize their 9 to 11 steps once - there is no persistent training for this purpose. A few cm more or less distance between the ball and the wall gives specialized players decisive angles to precise their shot on the goal. But the defending team is also interested in their wall not being too far from the ball, as they want to intercept a dangerous shot on the goal with their help and trained skills. A simple and quick-to-use solution is the "9point15 Free Kick Laser": The "9point15 Free Kick Laser" automatically recognizes the ball, determines the distance and shows the referee the exact distance of 9.15 m on the lawn in front of him – supported by the latest LIDAR technology and position data. The free-kick vanishing spray is already very widely used in today's modern football, but the vanishing spray does not ensure the correct distance of 9.15 m. The "9point15 Free Kick Laser" is the ideal supplement to ensure even more fairness and would underline the importance of the free kick spray even more. And by the way, the referee can no longer be blamed for the distance from the ball to the wall. Whether in the Champions League or the lowest league, the patented "9point15 Free Kick Laser" can be used at any level and provides more justice.

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